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2.5. User ranks

2.5. User ranks

Rank selection

Users are labeled by so called "user ranks". Apart from a rank name, users are marked with a rank image. There are fixed defined ranks, they will be assigned optionally for a certain performance (e.g. after 900 points), for certain groups (e.g. member of the team), of for the gender.

Under Edit profile you can select your user rank. Additionally, users may have an individual title.


Users get points for their activity. You get points if you create content that is visible for other users. You will get 1 points for a new thread and 1 points for a new post for example.

Examples for user ranks

By default the following ranks exist:

Rank name
Rank image
Crymod Webmaster Веб-мастера 0
Administrator Администраторы 0
Команда CryWiki Команда CryWiki 0
Модератор Модераторы 0
Beginner Пользователи 0
Trainee Пользователи 100
Стажер Пользователи 200
Продвинутый Пользователи 400
Опытный Пользователи 500
Искусный моддер Пользователи 600
Хардкор моддер Пользователи 800
Супер Моддер Пользователи 1,000
Модостроитель 24\7 Пользователи 3,000
lvl79 Пользователи 5,000
lvl80 Пользователи 10,000