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5. Search

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5. Search

There is a handy search field on the top of each page, which adapts its functions dynamically to the page you are currently browsing. The search field also holds a dropdown menu with some frequently used search options, as well as a link to the extended search interface, which offers many more search options.

Search options

Use the following options to search more efficiently.

Text* The Asterisk is a wildcard, which means e.g. "Textbla" will also be found. This operator may only be used at the end of a word.
+Text Terms with a leading plus have to be found.
-Text You can also exclude certain terms from your search by adding a minus sign.
Text Text2 If you just write the words, every possibilitiy will be listed, even if only one of those terms is found. Results containing both terms will be listed topmost.
>Text <Text2 With the arrow operator you can weight a certain term, which will then be more important within the search results.
+Text +(>Text2 <Text3) You can also use brackets to make sub-searches. The example will list results including "Text" and "Text2" or "Text" and "Text3". The terms called first will have a greater importance.
+Text ~Text2 The tilde allows you to negate the priority. Results including "Text" and "Text2" will not have a lower priority if "Text2" is not included.
"Text Text2" The double quotemark allows you to highlight certain word groups. The search-results will then only include results where the whole word-group appears. "Text, Text2" for example will not be found, because there is a comma in between, which was not entered as phrase.

You can also search for an author and limit the time frame of the results. Specify also in which area should be searched.

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