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4. Writing text

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4. Writing text

While writing text on this page you can use some tools to improve the look of the text. Text can be called post or message within this help. The possible tools will be introduced in this chapter.

4.1. Editor

The editor is the central element while writing text. Enter the text in the editor and format it as desired. There are two modes: WYSIWYG and source code. Both modes can be changed through the tab menu above the text. The mode chosen last will be...

4.2. Smileys

Use smileys to express emotions in your text. Just click on the smiley to insert it in your message. Alternatively you can enter the smileycode yourself. Sometimes text is converted into a smiley where you don't want a smiley. You can disable...

4.3. BBCode

Использование bbcode для форматирования текста.Здесь вы сможете найти все команды, которые вы можете использовать.

4.4. Polls

If you see a poll button while writing your text you can add a poll to your text. Just type in a question and the possible answeres. You may allow users to change their vote and select multiple answers as well. You can also set an end time which...


You can quote messages or content of other users with the help of the quote functions. All messages that can be quoted have a quote button. A click on that button opens a menu with several options: Quote directly The complete message...

4.6. Attachments

You can add one or more attachments to your post, as you know it from your email client. Multiple attachments can be uploaded simultaneously. The description informs you about the allowed file types and sizes. Attachments will be shown as a list...

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